Let’s Talk About Colgate’s Logo Design

The first activity of our morning routine is brushing our pearly whites and for that, we need a good toothpaste and toothbrush. In UK, the most cherished toothpaste is Colgate, as according to a recent survey, the toothpastes and tooth powders sold by this brand are used by more than 30 million people in the UK. That’s a huge number!

The brand was founded by William Colgate and there was a time when this small venture used to sell tooth powders in glass jars. From a small soap and candle business to a giant multinational consumer products company, Colgate has come a long way.

Since it’s such a huge company, everything is iconic about it, including the brand’s logo design. The logo design of Colgate has been revamped more than ever by keeping the dynamic nature of the business environment in mind. One thing remains the same, their never-changing choice for a wordmark logo! The image shown below perfectly describes the constant evolution the brand’s logo design had to go through to become what it is today.

Now, let’s talk about the current logo design of this amazing and purposeful brand, Colgate. The current logo is a mix of all their previous logo designs. Inspired by the previous logos of the company, the present logo too uses red and white colours and the company’s name. The colour red is symbolic to power and passion, both of which the brand encompasses, whereas the colour white represents sincerity, cleanliness, purity, positivity, peace, and perfection, all of which the brand believes in. Let’s come to the typography of the logo design. Colgate has incorporated a very simple font style for their brand’s logo because they know that simplicity is preferred more than intricacy or eccentricity. Another reason why the fonts in the logo are white because the company sells oral hygiene products and as we know healthy and clean teeth are symbolical to white colour, so yes, that might have been the reason behind the font’s colour preference. Since Colgate wants the entire world to have a beautiful smile, they have used a smile beneath their wordmark logo!

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